Today the 25.12.2006 i decided to shut down the official demo-division of deviance.

There are alot of reasons for it, first of all we didnt manage the group as wanted,

unmotivated members, internal and external wars and alot of people who spend more

time in writing artices in forums instead to get something done, forces me to make

this decision to protect the name and the honour some of our productions earned in the past.

For personal reasons i wasnt able to handle the organisation last 8 Month, and what happened

was more worse than i ever expected.


I know all of you are dissapointed about Worldcharts project not finished. Even me ! Believe.

Youre votes will be stored and as soon i can guarantee the launch and code of the new

Worldcharts i try to make it, but with the quality it deserves.


I dont want to discuss this decision in any forum or irc, to build a label is one thing,

to take care about release quality another. And before any other things will be released under

deviance which might not have the quality the name earns it is better to stop.


I would like to thank all recent members , thank you for the work.

If someone is interested to rebuild deviance, contact me before with a list of members who might work with it,

a organisation team and a concept what might be done. ( h2o(at) )


Rest in peace ...


My special thanks must go to following members who worked hard in the past of Deviance :

Anesthetic, Vigo, Ghandy, TMB ( SCX DVN Times ), DocD, Interpol, Core, Sir Truck, Hobby1, Wodka, Keito, AM-FM, Gopher

and the rest of the team ...

I am sure all of you will find a well sorted team and new crew where to work for, hopefully i see you all soon at a Demoparty !

One title cannot be taken away : We have been the "partymeister" :)

H2o / ex Deviance ...

You can review / download our productions at